The Amazing developing market of commercial drones

Today we welcome, Jake Tinder.

Jake is a former sales representative for the French company Parrot, 2nd on the market after the infamous DJI started dominating the market a few years ago.

Is there any topic about drones that hasn’t been covered?


They have been analysed, researched and compared ad nauseam, but when it comes right down to it, they are much the same.

There are different qualities of equipment, different mini drone avec camera, controllers and other features that make them unique, but to a large degree what most potential buyers look for is the cost. In most cases, especially when a drone pilot is getting started and is just learning to fly, the cost is one of the primary factors that everyone considers. For that reason, this list of the ten best drones for less than $200 is prepared.

Introducing a few of the top mini models out there

WLToys V686 $65.99

If you are a raw beginner at flying drones, and your purchasing decision is based primarily on price but given consideration to your ability to learn how to fly, the WLToys V686 is a great choice. This drone is a good, basic piece of equipment with a few little silly details added in. These include a missile launcher, bubble blower, water cannon, and a hook & basket. It also comes with an HD camera with vibration absorber which will give you nice clear pictures. There’s even a nice controller with a VPF monitor, which many at this price don’t offer.

SYMA X8W $65.97

syma-x8wThe SYMA X8W is just a small step up from the WLToys V686 regarding both price and capabilities. It has everything you would typically want in a drone, but there are several additional perks that make this a nice choice for a beginner or a more advanced pilot. These include a smartphone clip, WiFi camera, and other nice features.

JJRC H8D $196.99

For better or for worse, by this point, you are getting away from toys and into serious drones. This one has all of the usual features, including an HD 2-megapixels camera, 3-axis and three accelerometers, which all combine to give you a very reliable and stable flight capability. There’s also a nice controller with a VPF monitor. This whole package comes in a nice carrying case and lots of spare parts. For nothing but value, this is the drone for you.

HUBSAN X4 $94.99

hubsan-x4The HUBSAN X4 might be a significant step down from the unit above, but regarding liability and other features, this is a great buy. The maker calls this a toy, and although it does have a significantly shorter range, it’s still an excellent drone to learn to fly. It has a nice VPF monitor that doesn’t look like an add-on like the others. The controller is highly intuitive, which makes it easier to use than most.

WLToys V666 $116.95

This one is yet another that is very nice for the price. In fact, even though it costs a little less than some of the others recommended here, it’s still a good drone that is nice to fly. It has a nice camera that takes excellent videos, especially when you consider that it’s less expensive than most. And the controller is a little more complicated to use, but the VPF monitor, just as is the case with the others, is a huge plus for this one.

JJRC H25G $145.98

the-jjrc-h25gThis model is not the priciest unit available, nor is it the cheapest, but it’s a nice model to learn with, and it should be noted that is looks like it’s doing 90 mph even when it’s sitting still. Virtually anything you want to do with a drone can be done with this model. It’s got a great HD camera that takes fantastic pictures, which is helped by an air pressure sensor that keeps it nice and steady. The controller mimics the simplicity of the HUBSAN X4 above.

JJRC H26D $115.99

There is a certain degree of sameness to this particular drone, but where the differences are, they are huge. For example, the camera has a wider frame of view. There’s also a 360° rolling, side-flying and LED lights that all contribute to this one being a blast to fly.

All things considered, if you are looking for a high-quality drone for less than $200, you can’t go wrong with any of those above. They are all well made, and each comes with its special features that make it just a little different from the like designed units.

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